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Best Colleges in Chicago – 2020

Want to hone your college search to some of the very best colleges in Chicago?

Well, Chicago city is an engine of opportunities for anyone interested in higher education in the “Heart of America.” This city is home to some of the best colleges in Illinois and the country as a whole.

We took out some time to analyze data from some of Chicago’s top colleges based on their academic life, financial details, admissions process, and student life. Our top picks are listed below.

Get ready to apply!

1. The University of Chicago

Chicago, IL, campus · Private, non-profit · 4-year 

The US News rated The University of Chicago sixth-best University in the US in 2020. The college sits on a 217-acre land area at 5801 S Ellis Ave, in Chicago’s Hyde Park Community. The school offers a rich campus life in its exciting urban setting, with its average college fees and tuition standing at $59,298.

It follows a quarter-based academic calendar and boasts several highly-ranked postgraduate schools such as the Pritzker School of Medicine, the Booth School of Business, and Harrison School of Public studies, among others.

2. Northwestern University

Chicago, IL campus · Private, non-profit · 4-year 

Northwestern University was founded in 1851.

This private uni boasts a suburban setting and a sprawling campus size of 231 acres spread among campuses in Evanston IL, Chicago, IL, and Doha, Qatar. The Chicago campus is located in the beautiful Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago.

You’ll never get a better way to explore Chicago while still getting a quality education in one of the best neighborhoods to live in Illinois. Northwestern uses a quarter-based academic calendar with fees and tuition at about $56,691. Northwestern University was ranked among the top ten best universities in the US in 2020.

3. Loyola University Chicago Water Tower

Chicago, IL Campus · Private, non-profit · 4-year 

This uni in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile neighborhood has both a modern and historic feel to it.

It was founded in 1870 offering both a great opportunity for studying, as well as an enthralling opportunity to explore the city of Chicago. The school follows a semester-based academic calendar and costs about $45, 543 on average for tuition and other fees. You’ll find convenient and comfortable housing in and around its 111 E Pearson St, location. Loyola University Chicago Water Tower is undoubtedly one of the best colleges in Chicago.

4. University of Illinois at Chicago

Chicago, IL Campus · Public · 4-year 

This public research university is located right in the center of Chicago at 1200 W Harrison St, 60607. Over time, it has evolved to become a vital part of the technological, educational, and cultural fabric of Chi-town.

The school uses a semester-based academic calendar and has tuitions and fees pegged currently at about $14,816 and $27,672 for in-state and out-of-state students, respectively.

5. DePaul University

Chicago, IL Campus  · Private, Non-profit · 4-year 

DePaul University sits on a modest 38-acre of land at 1 E. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL, but it’s not modest in any way. The college has an urban setting and a student enrollment of 14,507. College fees and tuitions stand at about $41,202, with the school following a quarter-based calendar. You’ll enjoy its activities and social life and you’ll definitely find nice apartments for rent close to the school.

6. Columbia College Chicago

Chicago, IL Campus · Private, non-profit · 4-year 

This university, founded in 1890 is one of the best colleges in Chicago.

It is located at 600 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL and boasts a largely urban setting. Along with the promise of high-quality education, you get to live in the desirable Michigan Ave., which aside from being the perfect place to enjoy downtown Chicago, is also one of the best retail environments of the world.

Columbia College has a student enrollment of 6,568. It follows a semester-based academic calendar and has fees and tuition costs of $27,756, on average.

7. Moody Bible Institute

Chicago, IL Campus · Private, non-profit · 4-year  

Moody Bible Institute was founded in 1886 and is located at 820 N. LaSalle Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60610. It is a fully-accredited Christian higher institution and is one of the best colleges in Chicago for anyone interested in high-quality theology or faith-based education.


These best colleges in Chicago guarantee more than just a high-quality education.

 You’ll also be in for an exciting life of fun and social activities in this beautiful city and setting. While some people only get a weekend to explore Chicago; you’ll have four great years to enjoy the awesomeness of Windy City.

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