Best Chicago Apartment Website: Finding the Best Chicago Apartments

Finding the Best Chicago Apartments Online

Planning a move to the Windy City? We’ll bet you’ll most likely enjoy the good life here. WalletHub rated Chicago as one of the best big cities to live in the USA, just recently. While that ranking is always based on an evaluation of a city’s economic status, affordability, education and health sectors, and quality of life, Chicago was ranked higher for its quality of life, which is among the top seven of all other cities that made the ranking. But before you start searching for the best Chicago apartment website online, below are a few of the realities of living in Chicago;



Living in Chicago: What to expect

  • Easy navigation around the city with a transport system that’s as great for cyclists and pedestrians as it is for motorists.
  • Diverse and different neighborhoods in Chicago that offer something for everyone, from Lakeview to Loop, Goose Island, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, River West, Old Town, Streeterville, and a lot more, each with their individual stereotypes, different vibes, and subtle differences.
  • Abundant shopping and dining options in a city that has some of the best parks in the country. Plus a vibrancy and knack for sports, festivals, and other creative activities.
  • High-quality of life and improved safety in recent years. The past two years, for example, have seen shooting crimes reduce by a whopping 30%.
  • A beautiful climate that offers you the ability to experience all seasons from snowy winter months to sunny and warm summers filled with festivities.
  • A great education sector with the third-largest school district in America, and some of the best colleges of higher learning in the country.

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Best Chicago Apartment Website: Searching for Chicago Housing Options

According to Chicago Tribune, a one-bed rental in Chicago, on average cost $1944. But much will depend on where you intend to live. While this same apartment in Streeterville may cost as much as $3,041 on average, neighborhoods like Lakeview, for instance, still have many homes for rent and sale below the Chicago average.

Zillow puts the average home price at about $250k.

But Chicago apartment prices fluctuate, whether you’re buying or renting. So, you need to be able to access as many options at any time to ensure you choose the very best based on your budget and preferences. This can only be possible when you start your search on the best Chicago apartment website.

This websites is among the best if you’re looking to rent or buy an apartment in Chicago.

These websites offer MLS and apartment listings in one place. They are also managed by the Crystal Tran Team of Chicago real estate professionals managing apartment buildings in different Chicago neighborhoods. From any of these websites, you can begin your search for the best Chicago apartments for sale or rent in different Chicago communities that include;

Making Your Rental Move

Chicago has a lot going for it.

Whether you’re moving here to study, starting a family, or taking up a job in this city, you can rest assured that there’s that neighborhood that will give you the quality of life and lifestyle you prefer. But because the first thing you’ll want to do is to find shelter above your head, you’ll want to ensure you find a really good one since this will also greatly influence your Chicago living experience.

And if you’re looking for the best Chicago apartment website from where you can begin your search, you’ll find HuntChicago.com to be very valuable. Both of these websites are interlinked. They are a great place to check out MLS listings and apartment listings altogether. Luckily enough for you, both websites are managed by the Crystal Tran real estate team of professionals. Here, you’ll find some of the best Chicago apartments for rent or sale. Many of the properties listed here have won several awards from the Chicago Association of Realtors for a host of positive reasons. Plus you won’t have to search multiple websites to find the ideal place. This will no doubt be a perfect way to set yourself up for an enjoyable time in the Windy City!