7 + 1 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Chicago Realtor

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Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Chicago Realtor


Buying a house or selling one, is no child’s play. And if your real estate market is anything like Chicago’s, you know for sure you need to hire the best person for the job. So, how do you hire the best Chicago realtor?

Well, I’m afraid you’ll hardly find out until you start a conversation with one. So, if you’re contemplating hiring a real estate agent in Chicago, please, do me a favor real quick, and ask these seven questions, and one more before you commit to them.


1. How many homes have you sold in Chicago?

Too many times, people get stuck with realtors who hardly know their market.

You want to work with someone with knowledge of the local market as well as the nitty-gritty of the market in different streets and blocks. This is only possible when your realtor is well-experienced which in turn will depend on how many clients they have helped.


2. How are you different from other Chicago realtors?

Real estate agents vary but you want someone who guarantees value.

Above everything, this will depend on their personality type, their skill sets, and work ethics. There must be a quality or something they consider as their competitive advantage. This is important because you don’t just need a realtor who will agree to every one of your unrealistic assertions. You’ll be better off with an expert who is honest and able to point you in the best direction while protecting your interest.


3. What changed in the Chicago real estate market over the past five years?

This question is usually a better one to ask than just asking how long they’ve been practicing as a realtor in Chicago. Their response should reflect their knowledge of local trends and developments as well as strategies that work best in the dynamic Chicago real estate market. That’s how you know whether they are fully immersed in the profession or they are just a half-hearted realtor with no real experience.


4. How do you go about marketing?

24 is the average number of days on market for homes in Chicago.

Most homes worth buying tend to go in a couple of days. But your Chicago realtor’s marketing prowess may impact how long before your house gets sold. Ask your realtor how they plan to generate buzz around your house. Along with knowledge of the most obvious outlets and websites to list your property, ask them what their marketing strategy looks like and what works best in your neighborhood.


chicago real estate team


5. Who is on your real estate team?

In most cases, two or more heads will be better than one.

Ask your realtor who is on their team. This can range from other real estate agents to attorneys, mortgage lenders, marketers, and every other person involved in their real estate transactions.

Our team, the Crystal Tran real estate team, for instance, is made up of eight experienced Chicago realtors. All of these realtors grew up in Chicago and brings along with them unique strengths and value to the table. And if there are other folks we’ll recommend, whether, for mortgage or any other thing, it’s because we’ve worked with them and we’re sure they’ll represent our clients’ best interests.


6. How often will I hear from you?

You don’t need Chicago realtors that come and go.

What you need is a Johnny on the spot who will be there when you need them, never leaving you in the dark. But it makes sense to know what to expect before committing to a realtor. Ask how they prefer to communicate and how often you may expect to get updates from them.


7. What if I don’t like your service?

You don’t have to be stuck with an agent you don’t like.

If the time comes when you no longer feel happy and comfortable working with your realtor, you should bring it up to them. Whether you feel this is something that can be fixed will depend on how they respond. But you should ask to know what would happen in this case, before you commit to working with the realtor. This is so you know what may need to happen before you can opt-out of the contract you signed with the realtor.

Mutual respect and trust is the key to success in every client-realtor relationship. But if you ever have to have to leave your current realtor for another agent, you shouldn’t be scared a bit to let them know. But knowing what’s involved ahead helps greatly.


**Do you have reviews or references?

People will take notice of your work if you put your clients first.

Our team, for instance, just got featured in the latest edition of Chicago Agent Magazine’s Who’s Who 2020. Just like us, the best Chicago realtors must have something they can point to, as a testament of their expertise as an individual or as a team. It could be things like this and it could also be first-hand reports as well as testimonials or reviews from recent clients. When you choose a reputable realtor in Chicago, you’ve taken the very first step for real estate success.


The Crystal Tran team

Chicago real estate is no doubt a fast-changing market.

While the median sales price of homes in Chicago revolves around $325k, prices will vary with market varying market conditions across each of the different Chicago neighborhoods. Whether you’re selling a house in Chicago or looking to buy one, you need someone who can help you navigate this market that can be just as lucrative as it can be treacherous.

The Crystal Tran team is here for you!

We’ll be more than just your realtor. We’ll be coaches, co-pilots, friends, advisors, and more, to help you get the best of this somewhat complicated market. Chances are you share a similar goal and passion with us; real estate. Let’s hit the ground running, together!

Contact the Crystal Tran team of the best Chicago realtors today!

We would be more than to help.

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