What To Do When You’re No Longer Happy With Your Realtor

No Longer Happy With You’re Realtor
No Longer Happy With You’re Realtor

It happens: you interview a Realtor to help you buy or sell, and it goes well. You sign the paperwork and start the process. However, it’s soon clear this is not going to work. The promises have fallen short, or you stop hearing from them. What are your options? Are you forever tied to this Agent? Well, not necessarily. Here’s what to do when you’re unhappy with your Agent.


Communicate– The real estate business is difficult and stressful. As a buyer or seller, you are making the biggest financial decision you will probably make in your lifetime. You need to feel you’re Agent is on your team. If you feel you can no longer trust what your Agent is telling you, it’s time to call it quits. Legal advice set aside, discuss with your Agent and see if they are willing to release you from your Listing Contract, then great. You can move forward. If the Agent is unwilling to terminate the Listing contract, then you will have to contact the Agent’s Broker. Depending on your situation, you may be released from your Listing Contract or the Broker may release the Agent and introduce you to another Agent from the office who might be able to assist.

Research– If the Agent and Broker have released you from your Listing Agreement and you want to move forward with a different company, you need to do your research on Agents. Ask family and friends if they have an Agent they can refer and from there, do you research. Don’t sign a contract solely because your husband went to high school with the Agent or because they’re a family friend. Take any referrals, look at their sales record, Zillow and Trulia reviews. Another helpful tip is to check their social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook. Do they seem knowledgeable? Is there a consistent track record of listings or closings? Do they promote their properties in the best light? A Realtor’s social media presence will give you insight into how they work. You’ll be able to see if they respond to questions if they use professional photographers or cellphone photography (it happens).

Interview– Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential Listing Agents, set up interviews. You’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your Agent and you’ll be able to discuss the marketing plan, team members, and other services or connections they may be able to offer. For examples, we offer enhanced premium photography regardless of the Listing Price, 3D Matterport property tours, and connections to a staging specialist. Every team member is a 5 Star Premier Agent on Zillow and will be able to assist so we never miss a showing opportunity.

Real estate transactions can be stressful. You don’t have to go through the journey of homeownership alone. There are knowledgeable, seasoned agents who are able to assist in this journey. With a new Listing Agent, marketing strategy, and the right List Price, you should be able to sell your home. Every situation is different, but we hope you found this helpful. If you are looking for a hassle free top Chicago realtor then turn to the Crystal Tran Team of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago.

Crystal Tran leads a team of seasoned real estate professionals selected for their experience and attention to detail. This client-centric team offers the best representation for your real estate needs. Crystal Tran is a licensed broker in Illinois and a 5-Star Premier Agent on Zillow. She and her team will work with you to tailor a real estate plan which not only meets your financial goals, but your personal ones as well.




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