Luxury Chicago Realtor: How Working With An Experienced Realtor Makes All The Difference

Gold Coast Mansion Sold

How Working With An Experienced Realtor Makes All The Difference When Selling Luxury Real Estate In Chicago

When the International College of Surgeons (ICS) approached Luxury Chicago realtor, Crystal Tran of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago, to help sell 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive, they’d been struggling to sell the iconic piece for nearly six years.

1516 N. Lake Shore Drive is every bit as historical as it is luxurious.

As one of the seven mansions on Lake Shore Drive, it has a history that dates back to 1913 when it was built for Edward T. and Ruby McCormick Blair – one of the only few Chicago structures designed by McKim, Mead & White – the most influential architectural firm that defined urbanism and the architectural practice of its era.


A background overview of 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive

1516 N Lake Shore Dr

The Lake Shore Drive mansion is a perfect example of American neoclassical architecture, incorporating a balanced formal symmetry, calm sobriety, and discreet ornamentation.

Fully completed in 1914, the property’s design borrows inspiration from the civic architecture of Renaissance Italy, exemplifying the social status and affluence of owners Edward T. and Ruby McCormick Blair, members of one of Chicago’s oldest and most popular families.


1516 N. Lake Shore Drive boasts a Bedford stone exterior and an elegant interior that features hand-carved Italian marble fireplaces and doorways and imported woodwork, among other things. The property has been described as “one of the finest examples of Italian architecture in the United States” and was designated a landmark property in 1989.

Following Edward’s death in 1939, the property was briefly owned by Joel Goldblatt, the president of Goldblatt Brothers, and his brother, Louis. Later, the ICS bought it in 1947, converted it for use as an office and meeting space. The organization decided to sell the property, listing it in 2015. Now, Chicago Luxury real estate agent Crystal Tran has finally helped the agency find a buyer for the property.


How do you sell a historic piece of Gold Coast luxury real estate when it’s proving too difficult to sell?

Selling a high-value property in Chicago? You should know better than to just hire the next available realtor to handle the process.

Many realtors don’t have a clue about what it takes to sell a luxury property. And sadly, the same is also true about many owners of luxury homes.

To make the most of your Gold Coast luxury real estate, you need to hire an experienced luxury Chicago realtor. This does not mean hiring one of the best-performing agents. You need an agent with a proven track record of selling luxury homes in your area.

Saddled with the task of selling a property that has remained unsold for nearly six years, top luxury broker, Crystal Tran, and her HuntChicago team perfectly understood the assignment – this was more than just selling another 10-bedroom, 7-bath, 12,000 sq ft property.

1516 N Lake Shore Dr

For a home like this, five (5) things are important;

  1. Working with an experienced luxury Chicago realtor – By choosing a top real estate broker with vast market knowledge and a proven track record selling luxury property in Chicago, the ICS set the foundation for success in the upper-tier Gold Coast luxury real estate market.
  2. Investing in professional home staging – This helps highlight a property’s best features to create an emotional image in people’s minds, all while avoiding deal-killing mistakes.
  3. Finding the right property price balance – 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive carried an astronomical listing price for years. First, the Crystal Tran team conducted an objective evaluation of the property. Then they compared the evaluation against a realistic assessment of market conditions to determine the best price point.
  4. Leveraging powerful real estate marketing strategiesMarketing for exclusive luxury properties requires special competencies. Crystal Tran leveraged the rich and glamorous history of 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive with a clever blending of the location, lifestyle, and distinctive features of the property to develop outside-the-box marketing that not only reached a wider audience but also resonated with the right target audience.
  5. Developing a unique brand for your Gold Coast luxury real estate property


Selling 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive

1516 N Lake Shore Dr

Now, you don’t market a luxury property in the same way you would for the average 2-bedroom apartment. In the case of the ICS’s 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive, working with the right luxury realtor ensured every other piece fell in the right place.

The ICS bought the Lake Shore Drive mansion for just $85,000 in 1947. It has now sold for $4.25 million to J. Michael Whitted, a Gold Coast resident and senior vice president of corporate development for Hillenbrand Inc.

Every historic or luxury property like the Lake Shore Drive mansion recently sold by Crystal Tran has a hidden gem. But it takes the right agent with special competencies to highlight and maximize this uniqueness to land the best deal.


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