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Worried About Selling Your Home In Chicago Winter?


You probably never think about selling your home in Chicago during winter. It is something that just kind of happens because of timing.

There are many wonderful things to say about Chicago, from the arts to sports to the culinary scene, the list goes on and on. One thing that can be challenging in Chicago, though, is the winter climate. This might be especially true if you’re hoping to sell your home during the colder months. But with a few smart strategies, selling a home during Chicago’s shivery season is not only doable, you can enjoy a quick and satisfying sale.

Keeping Things Neutral

One of the most important parts of selling a home is staging. Inman explains this step should include presenting your home in a neutral way, which will cast a wide net over potential buyers. Winter can offer some season-specific challenges for this.

For example, the holiday season is often a pretty non-neutral time in people’s homes. If you can bear it, consider skipping on any religion-specific holiday décor. Instead, decorate in a general wintery way, such as with evergreen decorations or holly berries. This is still seasonal and festive, but it doesn’t leave viewers with the impression of any specific culture or religion, which may make them feel, at a subconscious level, like they aren’t in their home.

You should also be sure you have any clutter or items you’re not using stored away during the staging process. Excess stuff turns buyers off and distracts from the value your home offers. Pack away anything you don’t need and stick it in storage – ideally, off site, so that viewers can get a good sense of your closet space. Look around for good deals, such as at Devon Self Storage on South Wabash, which is offering the first month free for some units.

Stay On Top Of Mess

In addition to being as neutral as possible, you want to make sure your home is always clean during viewings and open houses. Between the holiday season and lengthened commute times the rest of the winter, the odds are high you’ll be pretty busy and light on time. With that in mind, create a quick cleaning checklist so you can go through your home preparing for viewings as fast as possible.

Also, plan for the specific drawbacks when selling your home in Chicago during the winter season. Snow and slush means that you (and house hunters) are going to track in water and road salt. Keep a weather-ready mat outside of your door and encourage your family and guests to take their shoes off before coming all the way into the house, or offer them some disposable booties. Wipe down your entryway regularly to reduce salt build-up.

Let In Light 

Lighting in winter can be a challenge, as you don’t always have much in the way of sunlight to show off the natural light your home receives. However you can ensure your home still looks warm and bright for house hunters and listing photos.

First, ensure you don’t have heavy drapery blocking any outdoor light you do get. Natural light is a must in home selling, and the more you can bring in, the better. Next, look into what kinds of bulbs are best for different parts of your home. Take both the brightness and temperature of the bulbs into consideration to make sure you’re giving the rooms the right vibe.

Selling your home in Chicago in winter can be a challenge, but it can also be a valuable move. Buyers who are searching during the winter are often more motivated than their summertime counterparts, meaning they’re on the lookout for a good match. With the right planning, you can prove that your home is the best pick. 

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