Crystal Tran Team Realtors Emerge Top Real Estate Agents in Chicago!

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Crystal Tran Team Realtors Emerge Top Real Estate Agents in Chicago!


“It feels good to be recognized as one of the top real estate agents in a competitive real estate market like Chicago. It’s even more thrilling when you’re getting this recognition at no other time than 2020 and now again in 2021 – two of the most challenging years for the Chicago real estate industry in recent times.”

The above were the exact words of Crystal Tran, team lead at the Crystal Tran team when word got out that the team had once again made the cut to become one of Chicago’s Top Real Estate Teams for 2021, a Chicago Magazine’s award that celebrates the most prolific realtors adding value to the Chicagoland real estate community.


Founded in 2012, the Crystal Tran Team was born out of founder Crystal Tran Ly Jerbich’s passion to help her clients make the most of the complex Chicago real estate market having watched her mother invest in multifamily housing while growing up in Chicago as a first-generation American.

The team comprised of Crystal, Salma Torres, and Nitasha Kassam, all of whom grew up in The Windy City had recently been buoyed by the arrival of Armando Zires, Chris Saucedo, Kimberly Trefilek, and Isabelle Wilkes, four rising stars in the Chicago real estate community. Just last year, the Crystal Tran Team secured its spot among Top Real Estate Agents in Chicago scooping up several awards from the Chicago Top Agent Magazine Who’s Who to clinching the 2020 Five Star Real Estate Agents for the second year in a row, among a variety of other awards and recognitions.


What does it mean to deliver value as one of the top real estate agents in Chicago?

“Only our unwavering commitment to our client’s goals and interests could have brought us this far,” Crystal says. We’re value-driven and goal-driven so all of our actions and decisions are steered towards what works best for our clients first, before any other consideration.

While we agree that value is a vague word, even for the real estate industry, the Crystal Tran Team has won prospects and clients over with attributes and strategies such as;

  • Vast knowledge and expertise of the local communities across Chicago
  • A strong online presence that makes it easier to connect with a very wide audience
  • Honesty and transparency that guide the team’s actions and interactions and help form the basis of the agent-client relationships.
  • Clear and concise two-way communication practices that ensure the client is never in the dark at any point.
  • Strong grasp of real estate technologies and deployment to add value during real estate sales and purchases processes.
  • Tried and refined omnichannel marketing strategies that ensure timely sales of properties without spending an eternity on listings.


Work with a team that cares!

Doing the right thing feels good. Getting acknowledgment from others that you’re doing the right thing feels even better.

The Crystal Tran team is reaping the results of years of dedication and commitment to its teeming clientele across the Chicago real estate community.

This latest recognition from the Chicago Magazine only confirms the agency’s posture as a value-driven and client-focused real estate team. This is the kind of team you’ll want to work with if you’re looking to not only work with the top real estate agents in Chicago but also with realtors that actually have your best interests at heart.


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