Crystal Tran Team Nominated as Chicago’s Top Realtors in Chicago Agent Magazine

Crystal Tran Team top realtors in Chicago

Crystal Tran Team Nominated as Chicago’s Top Realtors in Chicago Agent Magazine

Every year, the Chicago Agent Magazine conducts a citywide search for the best realtors in Chicago. This real estate media agency reviews thousands of professionals, teams, and agencies in the real estate and mortgage industries. The finalists after these reviews emerge as the top realtors in Chicago and are featured in the Chicago Top Agent Magazine’s highly coveted Who’s Who spots.

That exclusive group features some of the best realtors in Chicago who have gone above and beyond to make a difference for their clients. And now, we’re excited to announce that our very own Crystal Tran team has been nominated and featured in this year’s issue of the Chicago Top Agent Magazine.

Crystal Tran Team: Emerging Chicago’s Top Real Estate Agency

“The client is at the heart of it all”

Those were the words of Crystal Tran, team leader of the Crystal Tran team made up of other experienced Chicago realtors like Emir Vulic, Shawna Donley, Nitasha Kassam, and Deana Barakat. That team also includes Spanish-speaking realtors Salma Torres and Armando Zires, alongside new member and rising star, Kimberly Trefilek.

Landing a spot among top realtors in Chicago is not something you come by easily.

This is the result of years of hard work, excellence, dedication, and commitment. The team prioritizes clients’ interests and satisfaction above all else. That team of like-minded individuals who are 100% passionate about property. Growing up in the local neighborhoods, these professionals also know the Chicago real estate market inside out.

Working together, winning together!

The team recently got together to celebrate this achievement.

“I felt like I was bursting with pride to say Yass! That’s my team! But this is not just about one person. It is the collective effort of everyone on the team because, at the end of the day, you’re only as good as your team is. The team I work with is great, Crystal said.

“We’re putting our clients at the heart of everything we do. It’s only normal that people will take notice if you’re putting your clients first.” Nitasha, on her part, said “this recognition speaks to the consistent feedback we receive from clients who engage our services to help them make the best real estate choices across Chicago communities. For us, it’s a big deal and a big encouragement for the team to do even more.

A real estate marketing success story

On the team’s success, Crystal attributes this to three things;

  • First, the robust strength of the team’s network;
  • Secondly, the individual expertise, professionalism, and dedication on the part of team members; and
  • Finally, the team’s knowledge and application of data-driven and results-oriented marketing strategies.

This team takes marketing seriously. This has played a key role in their emergence as some of the best realtors in Chicago.

The Crystal Tran team reaches out to its sphere of influence via multiple campaigns from direct mails to social media and a variety of other digital platforms and non-digital platforms. Part of these includes marketing property listings on the team’s YouTube channel as well as on HuntChicago, the team’s official website, and a variety of social media platforms.


This award has been a long time coming!

People will always notice the good work you’re. This recognition is therefore a well-deserved honor for a hardworking team.

“The Crystal Tran team takes great pride in its accomplishments, this Chicago Top Agent Magazine feature and other recognitions, as well as the number of sold signs we hang on the daily.  “We’re also super-grateful for our loyal clients who continue to refer more new clients to us. We’ll continue upholding the values and principles that have played key roles in our emergence as top realtors in Chicago. Our clients can rest assured that we’ll represent their best interests without any compromise, Crystal said.

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