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Our team of Chicago real estate agents are passionate about helping buyers achieve their ultimate dream of becoming a homeowner. Our expertise, community knowledge, and research platforms to curate the perfect selections for our dedicated clients. As evident by our 3D tours, we are known for going above and beyond for her clients, but doing so in a millennial way that is reflective of astute attention to detail through technological support.

Real estate is always evolving in one of America’s most cherished cities. It requires our Chicago real estate agents to be agile and nimble, constantly adapting, and always learning about new, up-and-coming locations and deals for our clients. As Chicago residences and passionate community member who gives back, we want to show our buyers what this city holds for them. That’s why we love what we do every day.”

Our team’s biggest measurement of success today is our clients’ satisfaction with their new homes. We make it our mission, whether day or night, exploring options that require a keen perspective and a willingness to venture off the beaten path to find you that “perfect home”.

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If you are looking for Chicago real estate agents that speak Spanish, then you have come to the right place. The Crystal Tran Team has Spanish speaking realtors to help you secure your next dream home.

Our team of Spanish-speaking Chicago realtors also assists in home sales. Sellers count on us to list and sell their homes. We also work with investor clients that have multi-family apartment buildings in Chicago. To discuss listing your home give our team a call to enlist a bilingual real estate agent near me.

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