Presale Home Renovation: How to Add Value to Your Chicago Home Before Sale

Renovate your home before you sell

Want to list your Chicago house for sale? According to Redfin, right now is a good time. Home prices have appreciated by 10% since last year and sellers are getting multiple offers for their homes. But regardless of the market outlook, you still need to put in some work to sell your house fast and for top dollar. And this is where presale home renovation comes in.

Tidying your house and conducting certain home renovation projects will go a long way.

Renovated kitchens, upgraded bathrooms, refurbished decks, energy-saving improvements, and a few other projects are some of the best options if you want your property to command a high price when it goes on sale. But many sellers don’t get this and it’s why they often end up selling for much lower than their asking price and even taking much longer to sell. 


Chicago presale home renovation

If you want to sell your house in Chicago, HuntChicago, and the Crystal Tran Team offers a presale home renovation service that can help you increase your home value and make it much more desirable to prospective buyers.

This service has been made possible thanks to our partnership with credible and reputable home renovation experts. It is specifically aimed at Chicago homeowners who need more than just a fluff before listing their house for sale.

The best thing about this service is that it will help increase the chances of your home selling for more than average. The other great thing is that you don’t have to pay until you’ve finally sold the property.

This won’t attract extra fees or charges unlike most other financing options out there. For you, this is a stress-free way to renovate your house for sale, increase its value and appeal, and sell for the best price possible.

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Bringing ease and value to your home sale

Presale home renovation can easily boost the value of your home.

But there could be disadvantages if you take a less strategic approach to this. You have to consider basic and value-added renovations. These should be aimed at improving functionality as well as curb appeal, aesthetics, and desirability.

These things are important so you don’t pour too much money in than you can recoup at closing. But the presence of Hunt Chicago as a part of your sales process, however, makes this less likely to happen. We’ll ensure the projects tackled are those that will guarantee the high possible ROI.

So, while you’ll never have to stress yourself about finding the money you’ll need to make the necessary improvements, you can also rest assured that all of the renovation efforts and investment will be strictly focused on increasing the sales price of your Chicago property.

Key benefits of presale home renovation

Renovate my home in Chicago?

According to Redfin, houses in Chicago are taking a little less than two months to sell.

This is considerably longer than what’s obtained in the rest of the country. Some homeowners also end up making multiple price reductions to eventually sell for significantly lower than the asking price. 

Choosing to list or stage your home on the market without making the necessary upgrades could backfire. You’ll most likely be setting up yourself for possible unfavorable circumstances.

While renovating your home before selling is a good thing, throwing too much money into this can also be counterproductive. The stress and efforts involved in vetting and hiring high-quality contractors is another thing. Then you still have to make sure you’re investing only in renovations that will add value. 

The Chicago presale home renovation service, on the other hand, helps you make smart and valuable updates. Not only that, but these updates are also guaranteed to bring in the best possible ROI. Again, this won’t require cash or credit upfront. The presale expertise of the entire Crystal Tran Team, as well as the professionalism and quality of the contractors, make this even much more valuable.

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