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West Loop Apartment Buildings are your best choice if you are trying to relocate into the most popular place in Chicago but are wary of committing to high costs of buying a home here. This former meat-packing district has now become a foodie’s love. Hustlers and residents of this neighborhood enjoy different tastes from high-end cuisines to fast-food chains, to international delicacies.

A few hot trends among West Loop condo for sales come from 1400 West Monroe Street, and 14 North Bishop Street.

Since its renovation project in the 1970s, the neighborhood has developed remarkably. The area has attracted the attention of tech companies who have made the place particularly appealing to businesses and professionals. This availability of lots of employment opportunities meant continuity in the rise of house prices even in 2018 when other suburbs of Chicago were experiencing stagnation or decline in property prices.

Although the neighborhood is famous for its restaurants and eatery attractions, other attractions within the area are also noteworthy. The location is home to various galleries making it an avid promoter of art. And the fun part evolves in the summer season when the community bursts with live music and lively activities.

And what’s more is the neighborhood’s proximity to the business district, Loop. Here, you will find those dwellers that hold jobs in the industrial district. This proximity makes this community a booming market for young families and couples. The presence and choice of this particular family genre also allure similar families to get their share in West Loop real estate.

Chicagoans are most interested in West Loop apartments and real estate because of the affordable price index it offers. The neighborhood attracts most working citizens who are investing their manpower in downtown Loop. Thus, it’s no surprise that they are flocking in this community making it the best choice for all Chicagoans.

Despite the popularity, the infrastructure of the area, together with the presence of open spaces here, means that the community has an airy and welcoming environment. Residents from West Loop apartment buildings also benefit from two parks in this vicinity. These landscapes, including Union Park and Skinner Park, not only allow free recreational space to the residents but also serve as an attractive exercise spot for them and their dogs.

This neighborhood is also home to two of the top schools that educate Chicago youth. These schools are Skinner Classical School and Whitney Young High School.

West Loop condos for sale also offer the best investment opportunity to potential real estate investors. The preservation of the industrial side of the town means that this area will remain popular among residents who want to balance their work and life at a peaceful, calm place. Another by-product of the boom in the West Loop real estate market is a predictable rise in property prices, translating into remarkable capital gain from these investments. Plus, those individuals who are seeking employment at this industrial district also find this real estate investment opportunity lucrative.

Now, let’s talk about transportation facilities. It can be a primary issue especially if you have to move across the city to work. The two trains run through the neighborhood. But it’s the proximity of highways I-290, I-90, and I-94 that mostly helps the car-owners from West Loop. Besides these available facilities, Chicagoans like to walk through the streets to get to the destinations in this neighborhood.

The only downside of these investment openings is their quick turnaround. These properties are a hot trend among real estate investors, meaning, they are taken up as soon as they appear in the West Loop real estate market.

Why wouldn’t they? After all, the area offers the most family-friendly environment at an affordable cost.

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